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Brandy C.

I love total nutrition they have helped me so much getn ready for my bikini comp! The guys r amazing and very knowledgeable! I am so thankful to have such an amazing team and supplement supplier in my corner!!!

Logan johnson

Service was great. In and out with good customer service. I reccomend this place

Jesus San Miguel

Went in and right away felt welcomed and employees knew their information. Not knowing exactly what to get the employees helped me and my wife by asking what our goals were. We were able to test taste protein and get the one we liked. Awesome prices that can't be beat! We will definitely be returning.

Joan Sims

Dylan offered me great advise on how to get started on a plan. Started with detox and replinishment. Will be back.

John L.

The staff at TN Tuscaloosa has been great and really helped me learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. I can't thank them enough for their knowledge, motivation and help. They spent at least 45 minutes helping me with a meal plan, supplements and ways to improve my diet and health without ever pressuring me to buy anything. I see some of the staff at the rec center and they practice what the preach. When I saw other customers like me coming up to thank the TN employee at the gym for his help and then asking him for advice, it was easy to see the positive impact TN is having on Tuscaloosa. Their prices are the best I have found in town so that helps too. I'll definitely be back. Thanks TN!

Kelsea F.

Went in looking for a supplement and wasn't sure of exactly what I was looking for but as soon as I walked in a young man was there to offer his assistance. He was very knowledgeable and he was very nice! Instead of just trying to get a sale out of me he gave me a few samples to try and to come back. Excellent customer service! I will definitely be using them as my only supplement store!

Sara Madrid

We were very pleased with our visit, it was our first time and marlin was very informative and helpful.

Heather F.

It's scary to go into a place where you feel like you don't belong because you aren't "fit" or know what you need much less what to look for and buy, but Charles took time explaining what would give me the results I am looking for as well as support the changes I have already made. I did not feel pressured to buy anything I didn't need, but feel like I had options and ways to increase my regimen during a plateau or when I am increasing my activity level. I would have been in before if I knew the experience would be so positive and encouraging. Thank you for not looking at me as a fat chick that wants a magic pill but as a woman who is struggling to make difficult choices about the best ways to be healthy and happy in my body and supporting the positive changes I have made to my new lifestyle.

April D.

Just wanted to say thanks to Travis for getting us started on some new supplements.. He was very nice and very knowledgable about what we needed. He explained each supplement to us and when to take them and never pressured us to buy anything we didn't need. Great place to go to get what you need and staff very willing to help you reach your goals!!!! We left feeling energized and not like we spent money for nothing. Will be back!!

Brandon M.

Hands down the best one on one attention I have ever received from nutrition store reps. From basic consultation to custom plans for my specific goals; They have tended to my ever need. Will recommend to all my friends.

Brittney B.

Oh where do I start. This store was amazingly organized and super clean. As a first time customer i was a little intimidated on what to even ask but Dylan was extremely knowledgeable about their products and the nutritional benefit to all of the products. He helped recomend an awesome program that I will be returning to get! Bless his heart he had the patience of a saint with me trying all the flavors that I was super picky about with the protein shakes. I will be recomending people to this store especially on my weightloss support page! Thank you guys again for a super easy start to a better me!.

Dylan F.

Great plan and service! I would recommend any of the guys there. Very knowledgeable guys and none of them are string beans like you see at other nutrition stores just trying to make a dollar off of you.

Hercules M.

I been going here to total for 2 plus years, it's been the best choice I made. They are very knowledgeable and help with any questions and offer the best supplements you can ask for!!! Also they are all about the customer and want the best for every one who enters there stores. Thanks for every thing Total Nutrition!!!

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